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Past 2014 Performances...


Jan 31- Fox Wine Co

Mar 8- Zaca Mesa Winery

Mar 21- Presqu'ile Winery

Apr 5- Sunstone Winery

Apr 12- Vintners Festival

Apr 13- Presqu'ile Winery

Apr 25- Epiphany Cellars

May 9- Presqu'ile Winery

May 10- Sunstone Winery

May 17th- Casa Dumetz

June 7th- The Selections Band (Wedding)

June 14th- Curtis Winery

June 15th- Presquile Winery

June 20th- Fox Wine Co

July 18th- Presquile Winery

July 19th- Pasion Restaurant

July 25th- Cottonwood Winery

July 26th- Fess Parker Winery

Aug 2nd- Sunstone Winery

Aug 3rd- Edna Valley Vineyard

Aug 16th- Casa Dumetz Wine

Sept 20th- Zaca Mesa Winery

Sept 26th- Blair Fox Wine

Oct 1st- Peacock Cellars

Oct 11th- Andrew Murray Vineyards

Oct 12th- Andrew Murray Vineyards

Oct 18th- Star Voice Competition at The Chumash Casino

Oct 25th- Sunstone Winery

Nov. 1st- Pasion Restaurant

Nov. 13th- Epiphany Cellars

Nov. 28th- Presquile Winery

Nov. 28th- Fox Wine Co.

Dec. 14th- Presquile

Dec. 27th- Andrew Murray Vineyars

Dec. 31st- Karaoke Band New Years Party



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